About Us

Our Heritage


2 Southern Belles is the culmination  of over five generations of expertise in the kitchen. Our grandmother, Estena (affectionately known as Teena) worked in many wealthy homes in the Mobile area until her death in 1998. 

She and her sister, Dollie, both learned from their grandfather who was a baker. Estena taught her daughter Gwendolyn, who in turn taught her children, who also gleaned from the two original Southern Belles (Estena and Dollie) as well. 

Dollie, called Nani by the younger ones, developed cataracts early, stealing her vision early on. However, it never diminished her ability to navigate in the kitchen! And just like Teena, Nani Doll was at home in the kitchen and the love showed in the food that came out.

Adding to the life lessons learned in "the Campground" and "the Bottom", in the Alexander/  Prichard / Stallworth bloodline, are infusions of Chef BJ's deceased wife Maria Beltran-Cantres Lewis and her Puerto Rican heritage.  With Lewis and Buford touches and additions, we invite you to come home with us and experience family love and Mobile roots through food! 

We are Mobile
Our family is Mobile
Our home is the Campground
And our ancestors were 2 Southern Belles.